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Right-Hand Partners States When They Produce, Entrepreneurs Perform, And VCs Respond
San Francisco, CA—Friday, February 22, 2002—Right-Hand Partners LLC, producer of the One-to-One Visibility Conference in San Francisco, hereby recognizes the accomplishments of the presenting Entrepreneurs in its upcoming conference as being a key factor in drawing the attention of active investors.

Rebekah Wu, Founding Partner of Right-Hand Partners said, "We've received numerous requests from actively funding investors to attend our One-to-One Visibility Conference because of the high caliber entrepreneurs that have been selected to present."

The ten companies presenting at Friday's early stage conference are heads and shoulders above most companies at similar stages. Representative of the presenters, Marcole Enterprises, Inc. is already profitable. "We are raising money to expand our sales channels to further dominate the Interactive Point-Of-Service (IPOS) market," said Dann Wade, Executive VP, Strategic and Business Development of Marcole Enterprises.

Tom Shields, Principal at Woodside Fund confirmed, "The presenting companies are well screened and coached, and they are a reflection of the quality of these conferences."

The One-to-One Visibility Conference is an invitation only, tri-annual venture conference with 10 startups and 10 investors who are actively seeking new ventures to fund. The conference is known for its high quality production, intimate venue, and rigorous selection criteria that draw top quality companies and active investors.

About Right-Hand Partners
Right-Hand Partners uses the venue of intimate events to make high value introductions and drive deal flow between companies, and their critical-path investors, customers and partners. The Company is a "right-hand partner" to both entrepreneurs and the venture capital community.

About Woodside Fund
Woodside Fund is a leading venture capital firm that excels in developing early stage technology companies. Founded in 1983, Woodside Fund attributes its successful track record to the high value it places on building productive partnerships with entrepreneurs, investors and resource providers. Typically serving as lead investor, Woodside Fund invests from $5 to $15 million in early stage companies focused in the areas of Internet Protocol infrastructure and enterprise software. Woodside Fund invests in companies located in Northern California and the West Coast. The firm has grown to four funds with over $225 million under management. For more information visit the Woodside Fund site at www.woodsidefund.com.

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