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One-to-One Consultation for Biotech Startups
"Development and Refinement of Investor Presentations."

A pristine investor presentation is required to capture immediate attention of investors to start performing due diligence on your proposed biotech venture. This is an opportunity for you to receive consultation from a "been there, done that" biotech entrepreneur who has been highly success in securing over $14M for a biotech startup. She will help you either build or polish your current presentation package to increase your chances of standing out in the crowd from other ventures.

Dr. Dawn McGuire M.D. will spend time carefully reviewing your submitted executive summary and scientific rational before the consultation. She will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement at the meeting for your protection (view the NDA as a PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download).

During the face-to-face consultation hour, she will offer valuable feedback regarding your current presentation package, and personal insightful opinion regarding your venture's viability. You will walk away from the consultation with the following:

Clear understanding of what the investors are looking for in a presentation.
Knowledge of top three questions the investors and their technical/scientific advisors will ask.
The "to do" items that will result in capturing the attention of investors and their advisors at your initial meeting.

Dr. McGuire is a board-certified neurologist and neuroscientist with senior leadership experience in both large pharma and small biotech companies. She has been highly successful in raising Venture Capital and Private Placement funding for medical start-up companies. She also continues to work with investors as a due diligence evaluator of investment opportunities in biotech.

Dr. McGuire received a BA from Princeton University; a MD from Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons; trained in Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center; followed by NIH-funded training in clinical trial design and experimental therapeutics. She is an expert in bench to bedside clinical development in multiple therapeutic areas. She has authored over twenty peer-reviewed scientific articles and numerous book chapters.

Location EUNOE Inc.
643 Bair Island Road, Suite 210, Redwood City, CA 94063
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Cost: $500 including prep work before the 1-hour consultation with you. (The prep work involves reviewing your executive summary and scientific rationale.)

It takes three easy steps to apply for one or both events:
  1. 1. First, send your executive summary and scientific rationale to biotech@rhpartners.comwith the name of your company on the subject line. Dr. McGuire will sign a confidentiality agreement at the event.

  2. Finally, go to www.acteva.com//go/rhpartners to reserve your time slot on your preferred date.
You should receive a near immediate email confirmation from Acteva. If you do not receive any confirmation to your email box or have any other questions, please contact us at EmailUs@rhpartners.com.


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